Hot plate could be reason behind Brooklyn fire that killed seven siblings

Hot plate could be reason behind Brooklyn fire that killed seven siblings

A fire in a Brooklyn home killed seven siblings from an Orthodox Jewish family while their mother and one more child was in critical condition in hospital. The fire possibly engulfed the house due to a malfunctioning hot plate.

Due to Sabbath, many Jewish families do not use electricity. The initial investigation report indicates that the hot plate was left on for the Sabbath.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro informed that more than 100 firefighters jumped into action to contain the blaze. The mother jumped from the window. Three girls and four boys, aged between 5 and 16, died during the incident. Nigro said, “Unfortunately, the outcome may have been determined before they arrived.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio toured the charred home. Mayor said, “Every New Yorker is feeling this pain right now. This is an unbelievable tragedy.”

The incident happened after midnight. Neighbor Karen Rosenblatt heard a young girl screaming for help and called 911. The firefighters arrived at the scene within four minutes. The fire had already spread to the kitchen, common hall, stairway and the bedrooms.

Victims have been identified as the members of the Sassoon family. Their father was away at the time of the incident, for a conference.

The firefighters found a smoke detector only in the basement of the building. They are reminding the residents to install and check their smoke detectors for their own safety.

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