Albany second-graders connect with Uganda orphans via Skype

Albany second-graders connect with Uganda orphans via Skype

Second-graders at an Albany school on Tuesday met and conversed with more than dozen Ugandan orphan boys through Skype.

Despite being separated by thousands of miles, Susan Fowler's second-graders at Delaware Community School erupted with cheers as soon as they saw a class of 17 orphan boys from Kampala, Uganda, on the projector screen.

The two groups of students eagerly greeted each other by waving their hands and saying "Hi, friends." The little students said they were very excited to see the people about whom they had learned a lot over the course of the academic year.

Ruth Pelham, the Albany founder of Music Mobile and an advocate for global education, reminded the Albany students that they were similar to Ugandan boys even as their life experiences differ a lot.

Commenting on the initiative, Pelham added, "They'll never forget this. This is what learning is all about."

The efforts also helped in raising money to support Jajja's Kids, an organization that works to provide homeless Kampala boys with food, shelter and medical care. The term "Jajja's Kids" is slang for grandmother's kids.

The Albany students raised $343 in pennies for the Ugandan boys to help them purchase mosquito nets to use when they sleep and protect them against malaria, which is still a deadly disease in many parts of Africa.

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