Albany’s Bishop Maginn High School to be relocated

Albany’s Bishop Maginn High School to be relocated

Bishop Maginn High School will make a fresh start this fall with a new building and possibly new administration, according to an announcement by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany.

Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger announced on Tuesday that Bishop Maginn High School would be moved to the former Cathedral School on Park Avenue.

The Cathedral School is nearly half the size of the current school building, which is located at 99 Slingerland Avenue.

Bishop Scharfenberger said moving to the school to former Cathedral School building is part of their effort to stabilize the school, which has been struggling with declining enrollments and operating deficits for around a decade.

Scharfenberger stressed that he could understand that the move would be painful for many. Speaking on the topic, he said, "I'm sure there will be tears and that's understandable. You put so much investment in this, where you live, so it's tough. But my commitment is to the stability of our school."

The school's administration could also undergo changes as the diocese has plans to consolidate the positions of head of the school and associate head of the school, going back to a conventional model with one high school principal.

Bishop Maginn High School's current building has been designed to accommodate 1,200 students, but it currently enrolls just around 138 students.

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