Albany hosting women’s NCAA Tournament games

Albany hosting women’s NCAA Tournament games

The City of Albany is hosting some games of the women's NCAA Tournament this weekend, and four teams have arrived in the city to take on one another.

The NCAA Tournament is scheduled to be held at the Times Union Center, which has not hosted any NCAA basketball tournament since the year of 2003. In that year, center has hosted the men's NCAA Tournament.

But spectators will not be able to witness the city's own team, UAlbany, at the Times Union Center as the team is already out of the NCAA Tournament. The center will host four of the remaining sixteen teams as they will fight to get to the next round.

The event is expected to provide a boost to some local businesses. Maurice's Deli, which caters to downtown state workers, is excited at the opportunity as the Times Union Center has already sold thousands of tickets.

Keith Mahler of Maurice's Deli said, "We decided we are going to open and get some extra business when there is an event at the arena, it's good for business down here."

The Times Union Center's Bob Belber noted that such championship events didn't happen frequently in the city. The four teams that will compete at the tournament title are: Yukon, Louisville, Dayton and Texas.

The Beaver to Hudson stretch of the Pearl Street, right in front of the Times Union Center, will remain closed for most of the day on Saturday and Monday for the tournament.

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