Study claims that one in three Americans Owns a Gun

Study claims that one in three Americans Owns a Gun

A new survey has found that one in three Americans possesses a gun. What is worse is that the ‘social gun culture’ is prevalent among the hunters and gun club members across the country.

In the survey published online on June 29 in the journal Injury Prevention, researchers surveyed 4,000 adults across the country. They found that approximately 29 percent of Americans owned one or more of the estimated 300 million firearms, which were in private hands in the United States.

Majority of the gun owners were married white men, above 55 years of age. Though gun ownership varied widely across states, the study found that gun owners were twice as likely as non-owners to engage in gun-related activities involving friends and family. The rates of gun possession were 50 percent higher in states with higher gun death rates, in contrast to states with lower gun death rates.

At the top of the gun ownership list stood Alaska, with almost 62 percent of residents owning guns. Arkansas, Idaho, Montana, West Virginia and Wyoming were next, with more than half of adults owning firearms. While, the five east coast states, including, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire, figured last on the list.

The surveyors maintained that these people owned guns not just because they wanted to hunt but also because they liked guns and were part of a group that liked guns. Possessing firearms gave them a feeling of belongingness to the group.

Thus, the current study established a strong association between gun ownership and gun culture, which was centered on the social events that revolved around guns.