Ciguatera fish poisoning could be more common than thought

Ciguatera fish poisoning could be more common than thought

According to reports, cases of a marine food-borne illness in Florida could be higher than what was earlier estimated. It is not possible to destroy the toxin found in many fishes by cooking or freezing. Detection of contamination is also not possible since there is no smell or discoloration in the affected fish.

According to angler Walter Boeth, he usually goes for fishing and loves doing that. He said that they were able to catch some sharks and groupers. As per fishing guide Tom Stephens, barracuda, king mackerel, tarpon, grouper and snapper are among some of the fishes that could have the toxin. He said that he has never suffered from ciguatera poisoning, however he is aware about the disease.

He added that he even knows someone who suffered from the disease. According to infectious disease doctor Vilma Vega, the toxin is found in different types of fish common in the warm Suncoast waters. By consuming those fish, one can fall ill.

According to Vega, “I've actually seen a few cases of these toxins, and what happens is this poisoning actually produces nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain. I'm not just talking about simple abdominal pain, [but] significant, severe -- the type that kind of you're writhing in pain in the bed”.

Dr. Vega said that it can lead to symptoms like muscle pains, and no proper treatment is there for the disease. The doctor added that they are taking care of hydration, fluids in addition to pain management.