Bill Nye launches new collection of bow ties

Bill Nye launches new collection of bow ties

Bill Nye, the science guy who is well-known for pairing eccentric bow ties with lab coats, has announced the launch of a new collection of bow ties in partnership with New York designer Nick Graham.

On Monday, Nye modeled a blue piece from his new collection that includes bow ties adorned with periodic tables and planetary symbols at Graham’s showroom near Bryant Park.

Nye, who reportedly owns hundreds of ties, said he wanted to have his own line of bow ties for years. He met with two other designers but finally decided to collaborate with Graham.

Describing the reason for wearing a bow tie, Nye said, “When you lean over it doesn’t flip into the flask. I got started on bow ties a long time ago and never went back.”

Nye said the material of a tie should be good enough to allow the user to make a good knot, and the pattern should be small but not microscopic. On his new line, he uses thick polyester so that it could easily hold a knot. His silk bow ties will be fabricated in Asia.

The Science Guy also revealed that learned to tie a bow tie from his father. He learnt it by practicing tying it around his leg; rather than in front of a mirror. He says there are three dozen knots that everyone should know, but his knot of choice for a bow tie is square bow for optimum style.

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