Amazon Adopts New Security Measures to Handle Credit Card Information

Amazon Adopts New Security Measures to Handle Credit Card Information

Amazon adds the new two-factor authentication as a login option. The new option will be available for users who have their Amazon account. This step was a long overdue said the online retailer.

When the new security option will be active signing in will become just a two-step process. At first, the users have just to sign-in with the password as usual and after that a user will have to enter a short code that is generated by a smartphone authenticator app or received in a text message.

The advantage of this authentication is that if a user is compromised by a hacker the hacker will not be able to access the user’s account without the short code.

To add the two-factor authentication to Amazon one has to just sign in into your account. Next click on Your Account in the upper right-hand corner, and choose Your Account in the menu.

The app on your phone will still generate a code that you can enter at sign in the same way as with texted codes. Next the user will be asked to enter a back-up phone number where you can either receive a text message or voice call to receive codes. Next you have to just click on Send Code button.

One positive thing about the new security option is that it can be customized as pr customers’ preference.

The online retailer hasn’t made an official announcement, but users who want the new security option can go into your account settings and enable it.