Bubble Families Emerge With Increasing Pollution

Bubble Families Emerge With Increasing Pollution

A constant rise in pollution level and insecurity associated with products in China has led to the emergence of bubble families. Numerous people are buying products meant for air and water purifications. In addition, consumers are buying only safe products for their vehicles and houses.

The government of Beijing has announced red alerts for pollution levels two times in December, along with the most severe smog warning till date. Following the release of environmental documentary, Under the Dome, in February 2015, there has been an increase in public awareness regarding environmental threats.

This has provided opportunities to domestic and foreign companies, who are utilizing it to help people create bubble families. Strong emergence of e-commerce and new technologies are further making it possible for the people to make overseas purchases, which are considered more secure.

The German electronics company, Bosch, has launched an in-car air purifier and has made a small air quality monitor particularly for its Chinese market. The domestic electronics brand, Xiaomi, has started selling a new range of air and water filters and monitors.

"Parenthood is a huge catalyst for consumption and upgrading of certain products”, said Elisabeth de Gramont, Shanghai-based Vice President at Jigsaw Communispace, a consumer research group. She added that the upper middle class families are increasing their overseas purchases of toys and skin care products.

The Chinese customs has reported that bottled water imports have increased drastically to 46 million liters during the first ten months of 2015, compared to 36 million liters in 2013. Furthermore, the customs reported an increase of 63% in the imports of food and live animals from 2011 to 2014.