US Fish and Wildlife Service releases Annual List of Species under ESA

US Fish and Wildlife Service releases Annual List of Species under ESA

The US Fish and Wildlife on December 24, 2015 has released its annual Candidate Notice of Review (CNOR), unveiling the status of species that have passed for being listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

According to the US Wildlife and Service officials the 2015 CNOR identifies all the species that will fall under the ESA and it also explains the changes made to the candidate list from the 2014 CNOR.

The Service allots every qualified candidate species a listing priority number (LPN), which indicates what level of threat a particular species has to its existence. The assessment of this magnitude is being evaluated on the imminence of the threat and then categorized by a species’ taxonomic status.

This year the CNOR changed the LPN for two candidate species, first is the Hirst Brothers’ panic grass and second species is the Whitebark pine.

According to the Service, the threats to the Whitebark pine are decreasing in magnitude and therefore it has lowered its LPN. On the other hand it raised LPN for the Hirst Brothers’ panic grass after seeing the immediacy of threats to the species.

The Service also found that the two species of Anchialine pool shrimp found in Hawaiian Islands are no longer likely t become endangered and therefore removed it from the candidate list.

As per officials, the 2015 CNOR includes deep details about the status of these species and identifies almost 60 candidate species total.

Tierra Curry, a senior scientist at the Center for Biological Diversity, said, “The ESA has prevented extinction of 99 percent of plants and animals under its care, but the law only works after species make it onto the list. It’s heartening to see so many species now getting protection that will save them”.