Prosthetic Paws Allow a Dog to Stand Perfectly For First Time

Prosthetic Paws Allow a Dog to Stand Perfectly For First Time

A dog born without full grown paws for the first time was able to stand properly after receiving his prosthetic paws, an entirely new technology developed by 3D Systems, which allows the dog to run, stand and sit.

Derby, a husky-mutt is a two-year-old dog, without his paws he was forced to crawl and walk on his hind legs. He used to crawl around on his nubs and chest, said Melissa Hannon, who rescued Derby through her organization, Peace and Paws.

Derby received a pair of custom prosthetic paws that were made by 3D Systems, a company that creates 3D designs and fabrications for clients. The prosthetic paws allowed him to run using his all fours legs.

After sometime Derby received an upgraded version f the paws with grown-up prosthetic paws and the new legs allowed him to stand at his full height, said Hannon in an interview last December when Derby got prosthetic paws.

Sherry Portonva, Derby's owner, said in a video released by 3D Systems the prosthetic paws raised Derby to an appropriate height and he can now sit like a normal dog.

The team that created the paws said there first design was not successful therefore they used a new harder material and a knee-like structure to give Derby more stability in their second design. The new structure allowed Derby to stand at his normal height for the first time and to finally sit like a normal dog with his legs in front.