Dark humor packed video series helps Marine fight cancer

Dark humor packed video series helps Marine fight cancer

Cancer had a fight with Mark Fayloga but it was unfortunate for cancer that Fayloga is a Marine. Fayloga started having severe breathing issues at gym on the day after Thanksgiving, and was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system eventually.

The Reserve staff sergeant has now decided to document his fight with the disease in a series of short videos. The series will have a provoking title ‘F--k Cancer’.

Fayloga works with the office of Marine Corps communications as director of digital engagement He said that when he was deciding the name, his cousin texted him to name the series: 'F--k Cancer,' because f--k cancer!’

On Monday, he uploaded the first video in the series on Facebook and YouTube with a motive to help keep his loved ones informed. The video features footage from the office of doctor when got his diagnosis and a touching phone call, wherein he is informing his mom about the cancer.

However, in typical Marine fashion, the video is also packed with dark humor, which Fayloga credited for helping him through last month. In the video he said that ‘it's only going to get darker from here’.

Thereafter, Fayloga joked about quickly he got the realization that he can get away with much more when he reminded the people around regarding cancer. Following video shots showed him moving out of work assignments, consuming the only last cupcake present on a plate, and cheating at Scrabble game.

Fayloga mentioned that he was overwhelmed by the supportive messages and wishes he has received since posting his video