NASA has to Build Prototype Deep Space Habitation Module by 2018, says Congress

NASA has to Build Prototype Deep Space Habitation Module by 2018, says Congress

About 15 years from today, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) may launch its Orion spacecraft on a voyage to Mars, the first such manned mission to deep space. The space agency has revealed many things about the space journey, but didn’t tell anything about a habitable module. Now, Congress has asked NASA to build a prototype deep space habitation module by 2018.

Congress mentioned the deadline to create the habitable module in the omnibus spending bill passed in December, 2015. The federal government instructed the space agency of the US to spend $55 million to develop the deep space habitat that may help astronauts on voyage to Mars in next three years.

Now, NASA has just 180 days to report to Congress on its progress in creating habitation augmentation module. The space agency’s officials have not revealed anything about its plan to develop the habitat and where it will test it. Earlier, Sam Scimemi of NASA International Space Station said he is not aware of any funding to space agency’s any plan on deep space habitat.

Earlier, Scimemi revealed that NASA has started working on a habitation module that will be used during the mission to the Red Planet. Now, Congress has suggested NASA to pull in that timeline by several years at least. Scimemi’s latest statements hints NASA may not be able to develop the module before 2020, which means the space agency is not going to meet demands by Congress.