Battle of the babies: NYC Hospitals fight Over Which Hospital Had First Birth Of 2016

Battle of the babies: NYC Hospitals fight Over Which Hospital Had First Birth Of 2016

Hospitals all over New York City were waiting to see which hospital will be lucky enough to welcome the first birth of the 2016 on the New Year’s Eve. But wait, here’s a problem: two New York hospitals are now fighting over which hospital had the first baby of 2016.

Early on Friday, New York City Health and Hospitals announced that it had welcomed the first baby of 2016. The baby born at the hospital is a baby boy named Zayden Noel. Hospital claims Zayden was born exactly midnight at Coney Island Hospital.

But after a few hours, Northwell Health’s Long Island Jewish Medical Center in eastern Queens in a conference to highlight the New York’s first baby of 2016. The hospital even attached a proof in a photograph of in-utero fetal monitoring showing the boy was born at exactly 12 am.

Nicole Francois, spokeswoman for Coney Island Hospital said in a statement that the fight among hospitals appears to be a battle of the babies. She promised to check Zayden Noel’s fetal monitoring for the tiebreaker.

Francois said every hospital wants to have the first baby, it can be a marketing bonanza, and hospitals have long hoped to declare the first delivery, though such claims can be hard to verify.

Several diaper companies and toy makers are offer several gifts for the new parents and shower them with gifts to share the spotlight.

Ms. Francois after tracking Zayden Noel’s fetal monitoring data declared that he also was born at the stroke of midnight.

Northwell Health spokesman Terry Lynam said, “It was 12 midnight on the dot. I’m not saying there are not others. They literally came out at the same time. Both are the first baby”.

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