California lifts Two-month-old Ban on Dungeness and Rock Crab Consumption

California lifts Two-month-old Ban on Dungeness and Rock Crab Consumption

Two months ago, California health agencies enforced a ban on the consumption of Dungeness and rock crab after noting high levels of domoic acid. They said the neurotoxin could make eaters sick. Now, officials at state Public Health Department lifted the ban along parts of the California coast. It means people now are allowed to eat the crustaceans without any fear.

Residents in areas like Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties will now be able to consume the seafood as some earlier tests suggested the levels of domoic acid in the crabs have fallen to undetectable levels, as per the officials.

“Specifically, crabs caught between the Santa Barbara County/Ventura County line and 35 degrees 40 minutes north latitude near Piedras Blancas Light Station are safe for eating”, they said in a health advisory.

California Department of Public Health officials also said that residents in areas like San Miguel Islands, Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa should still not consume the crabs are they can have poisonous domoic acid. Experts are investigating the area, they added.

Crabs south of the specified latitude may be safe, but people still should avoid consuming the animal’s internal organs. The health officials also advised people not to use cooking water to prepare the dish. Adding to that, individuals must rinse the crabs before start cooking it.

According to health experts, people may experience poisoning symptoms from 30 minutes to one day after consuming the infected crabs.