Two Metro Detroit counties offering discounts of some sort on radon kits

Two Metro Detroit counties offering discounts of some sort on radon kits

Metro Detroit’s two counties have been offering some kind of discounts on radon kits in January with a motive to promote the testing of homes for the odorless radioactive gas that can cause cancer.

According to the county Health Department, Macomb County has been offering the kits for free to the residents of county from two locations. January is the National Radon Action Month, and during this month, the Oakland County Health Division is offering kits for half price that is for $5.

The data present on the county websites suggested that radon levels in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb are over the national indoor level of 1.3 picocuries, which is a measurement of the rate of radioactive decay of radon. No ratings were above the four picocuries per liter, which is considered as elevated by the US Environmental Protection Agency and raises the risk of getting lung cancer.

As per the National Safety Council, roughly one out of every 15 homes has four picocuries or greater radon level.

In a statement, Tony Drautz, administrator of the Oakland County Health Division’s Environmental Health Services, said, “You can’t see or smell radon, and people tend to ignore the possibility that it might exist at high levels in their homes. The best time to test your home for radon is during cooler months when windows and doors are closed”. In the outdoors, radon is harmless, but can be a health hazard if trapped in a house or building.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said the kits have been offered at half price in a move to protect loved ones. Patterson said in a statement that after smoking, it is radon as the leading cause of lung cancer, but is preventable.