Patients have no idea when they will be able to obtain Medical Marijuana in New York

Patients have no idea when they will be able to obtain Medical Marijuana in New York

In New York, medical marijuana is growing, but it isn’t clear so far that when patients will be able to get the drug. State health officials have claimed that the program is planned to open in January, which is the timeframe set in the 2014 legislation while legalizing medical marijuana in New York.

However, no statement has come over exactly when it will launch. They haven’t indicated the number or locations of doctors that will be certified for prescribing medicinal pot. Julie Netherland of the Drug Policy Alliance said that she has major concerns regarding the program implementation and how successful it will be, mainly from a patient access standpoint.

Netherland mentioned that the Health Department waited till mid-October for offering the on-line certification course doctors willing to prescribe medical marijuana, need, and didn't start entertaining registration requests from patients until December end.

Under the law, patients looking for medical marijuana will first need to get certified by a state-approved physician and then will be able to register with the Health Department and get a registry identification card prior to being allowed to buy the product from one of five licensed growers working in New York.
Netherland said, “I have yet to hear from a patient who has successfully registered. What I have heard is a lot of frustration”.

The Health Department didn’t give any response to the requests made by Daily News for information on the number of registered patients and registered doctors, and the probable opening date for dispensaries.

In an email, the department's press office said that the Medical Marijuana Program is on schedule to start in January.

nydailynews reported that, medical marijuana is growing in New York but it remains unclear just when patients will be able to obtain the drug.

State health officials insist the program is on track to open in January — the timeframe stipulated in the 2014 legislation that legalized medical marijuana in New York — but they have been mum on exactly when it will launch and have not indicated the number or locations of doctors certified to prescribe medicinal pot.

australianetworknews report said, Vireo health of New York is the only cannabis company that has got a certificate from Orthodox Union. Apex Tribune confirmed that Orthodox Union is the largest certifying body of kosher products in the world. It has certified 250,000 products around the world. Orthodox Union’s database contains information on over 200,000 ingredients found in different food items.

Julie Netherland, deputy state director for the Drug Policy Alliance said, “it’s a real problem. We get calls from patients every day wanting to know how they can get a physician to help them, and in the absence of any kind of public list, there’s nothing we can do to assist.”

According to the apextribune, the CBD in the medical marijuana has a very wide and extensive variety of applications, like in treating seizures, chronic pain, anxiety, glaucoma, and even insomnia.

In having their products approved by such a respectable institute as the Orthodox Union, the New York based company managed a huge step towards the populous and maybe someday even state approval of the medicinal herb.