Did You Spot Cute Panda in New NASA Image of Saturn’s Rings and Moons

Did You Spot Cute Panda in New NASA Image of Saturn’s Rings and Moons

Recently, a cute panda gained attention of social media users. But the amazing and unusual thing was that the panda wasn’t even real. Actually, it was an illustration of the furry animal in an image showing many snowmen. And the challenge was to spot the hidden animal.

Cassini spacecraft of the NASA captured a stunning picture of ringed planet Saturn’s rings that were spreading across the blackness of space. Rhea, second-largest moon of Saturn, and Enceladus moon’s presence was making the picture a masterpiece.

In the newly released picture, Rhea moon could be seen beneath the rings, while the Saturn’s sixth-largest Enceladus is sitting above. There was something else in the picture that is astounding, but hard to spot.

If you enlarge the image, you will see Saturn’s inner satellite, Atlas, which is just 19 miles across. Atlas, which was discovered by Richard Terrile in 1980, is an oddly shaped moon of the gas giant. Due to its smaller size, it was difficult for scientists to find the natural satellite orbiting around the ringed planet.

NASA’s Cassini captured a picture of the moon last month when it came within about 20,000 miles of the moon. As per NASA, “Cassini took this latest image on September 24 from a distance of about 1.8 million miles from Rhea and 1.3 million miles from Enceladus. Atlas was 1.5 million miles away at the time”.

The picture has been released by the US space agency during the Image of the Day series on Monday.