Junior Doctors are on Strike Again

Junior Doctors are on Strike Again

Junior doctors have announced to stage a one-day walk-out on next Tuesday after talks with the government over a new contract didn’t work. The issue is over the number of working hours.

Negotiators said the government hasn’t fulfilled the demand to cut working hours. The doctors have announced to go on two-day strike on January 26, and if the agreement does not reach an agreement by them, they could also plan a third day for February.

“Throughout this process the BMA has been clear that it wants to reach agreement on a contract that is good for patients, junior doctors and the NHS. This is why, despite overwhelming support for industrial action, the BMA instead sought conciliation talks with the government”, said Dr Mark Porter, British Medical Association council chairman.

The chairman also said that latest move by the government has shown that it is not serious about junior doctors’ concerns. The government has not only neglected them, but also dragged its feet throughout this process by refusing a proposal of talks. Now, the junior doctors are left with no option, explained Porter.

Earlier, the union cancelled its three strikes to starts talks with government over the proposed new contracts. The contracts allow England’s junior doctors to get an increase in their basic pay. But, it asks them to work more weekends.

Last week, Kingston Hospital’s spokesperson said in a statement that the authorities are considering plans to make sure that patients are getting safe services. The hospital’s top priority is to ensure that all emergency services are running as normal.