Stretch of NYS Thruway from Rochester to Buffalo reopens

Stretch of NYS Thruway from Rochester to Buffalo reopens

The stretch of the New York State Thruway that was closed to all vehicular traffic at midnight Thursday was reopened on Friday. The thruway from Exit 46 in Henrietta to Exit 61 at the Pennsylvania border was closed due to adverse weather. The unexpected closure caused a great trouble for motorists.

Suresh Pachiappan, a worker at a Canandaigua firm, said he was trying to get on the Thruway heading east but the closure left him looking for an alternate route. He was very stunned to notice how bad the weather was on Friday morning.

Speaking on the problem, Pachiappan added, "Yesterday it was mentioned that from Buffalo it was very adverse, but I didn't think it's going to be this much affect, but this morning I got surprised."

Authorities closed off Exit 46 even for motorists were attempting to go east due to concern that they would still try to go west, which could cause a traffic jam at the toll booth. However, the Thruway Authority later issued an apology, saying there had been a misinterpretation.

The same stretch of the Thruway was previously closed for more than three days in November because of a lake effect snow storm that caused at least 13 deaths and massive damages to property.

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