Military History Society of Rochester displays the city’s role in wars

Military History Society of Rochester displays the city’s role in wars

The Military History Society of Rochester is displaying the city's role in wars even before the city came into existence.

Located in the Anderson Arts Building at North Goodman Street, the Military History Society has chronicled and documented Rochester's connections to more than 200 years of wars, starting with the battle of 1812.

A small group of volunteers assembled an intriguing and ever-growing collection of materials and information about the role of the area that sent men, women and supplies to wars.

The society says that the effort is a tribute to the area's men and women who fought in wars and to the companies that made equipped them with arms. The exhibit tells several stories, some regarding the people who lost their lives in wars.

It also shows some newspaper pages. A bit of paper reports landing of Allied forces on the beaches of Normandy in June 1944. Another paper articles from November 1918 has a headline, "Germany Accepts Our Terms; Hostilities to cease at Once; World's Greatest War Ends."

Chuck Baylis of Brighton, a U. S. Army veteran from the Vietnam War era and the nonprofit's executive director, said he had been able to pack a plenty of stuff in the exhibit without making it crowded.

Baylis added that the society was experiencing a growth spurt as more materials continued coming in. As the exhibit is overgrowing the current space, it may have to find a larger space.

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