Bumblebees face major threat due to climate change

Bumblebees face major threat due to climate change

Research teams from the US, Canada and Europe have suggested that bumblebees face major risk to their population due to climate change. As per the study, bumblebees’ survival is threatened by climate change, which is also destroying their habitats.

Global warming has reduced natural ranges of the bumblebees in many parts of North America and Europe. It is important to move them to cooler places if their survival has to be maintained. Butterflies have opted this measure to cope with global warming, as they have moved to higher ground.

Such a thing has not been seen yet among bumblebees. They have moved out from the southern ranges, but have not started yet to move north. The researchers have examined 420,000 records, historical and current, between 1901 and 2010 about the 67 types of bumblebees.

The researchers came to know increased temperatures in recent decades have started taking lives of bees in the south, North America and Europe. This has led to a loss of 9 km per year from the traditional southern habitats of bumblebees.

One of the main reasons considered for bumblebees not moving further north is their lack of ability to multiply while moving. Bumblebees are very important for various purposes, including pollinating food crops, other wild flowers and plants.

“This paper is important because it reinforces the understanding that species will not all be able to shift their ranges in order to adapt to a changing climate”, said Dr. Sacha Vignieri, an associate editor for the journal Science.